Host a Screening
To keep our community safe, we are currently only receiving screening requests for events that comply with social distancing guidelines. To that end, we are excited to announce Storyspaces Open Air Cinema and Virtual Cinema.
Open Air Cinema
OpenAir Cinema
Convert your parking lot into a drive-in theater or host a screening in a driveway, cul-de-sac, or backyard! As long as your event allows for social distancing, we are happy to help you organize it. Storyspaces will give you the tools to seamlessly host your event.
Virtual Cinema
Watch movies together and connect over long distances. The Storyspaces Screening Room synchronizes the movie watching experience for the entire audience, chat to allow for conversation during the movie, and call-to-action for post screening discussion, donations, and more.
How to Host a Screening
Step 1
Choose Your Movie
Pick from a range of movies before they're available online!
Step 2
Create Your Screening
Choose the date and space that works for your audience.
Step 3
Spread the Word
Utilize our tools and content to promote your screening.
Step 4
Collect Your Fees!
Sell tickets to your screening and receive the proceeds.
Not Ready Just Yet?
Sign up to be a verified screening organizer and keep up with the latest releases. And when you are ready to host your own screening, you will be good to go.