How Storyspaces Works
What is Storyspaces?
We are a different kind of movie-going experience. Transform communal spaces into cinemas and bring the best independent movies to your town. Gather your guests for an immersive viewing experience to spark conversation and community-building.
What is a Screening?
Every town or city has spaces where you can gather and watch movies: schools, libraries, apartment buildings, coffee shops and more! We want to make it easy for you to bring new and critically-acclaimed movies to the spaces already available in your neighborhood.
What is a Screening License?
A screening license grants you permission to show a movie on the date and in the space you choose, and to sell tickets to your event. We are working to make independent movies available and affordable, while supporting the artists behind the movies!
Why Host With Us?
We make it simple, quick and affordable to discover and show new movies. You choose the date and space for your screening, and you set the number of tickets available for your event. Plus confirm your screening and create your event page in minutes!
How to Host a Screening
Step 1
Choose Your Movie
Pick from a range of movies before they're available online!
Step 2
Create Your Screening
Choose the date and space that works for your audience.
Step 3
Spread the Word
Utilize our tools and content to promote your screening.
Step 4
Collect Your Fees!
Sell tickets to your screening and receive the proceeds.
What We Provide
We share a screening copy of the movie, plus materials to help you plan and promote your screening online and in person. Our team is also here to help at every step of the way!
Make Money, Support Filmmakers
We love independent movies, and we believe you should be able to make money at your screening and support the artists behind the movie. Your ticket sales are split between you and the filmmaker.
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I play the movie at my screening?
When will I receive my screening link?
Do I need to do a tech check?
My internet connection isn’t great. Will I still be able to play the movie?
Can I watch the movie before my screening?
Who can view my screening link?
I know another person or group that wants to screen the movie. Can I share my screening link with them?
Will my screening link expire?
How many times can I open or view the screening link?