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Serendipity, directed by French artist Prune Nourry, is about random coincidences that started to coalesce in her art and life, as she battled breast cancer. The film goes beyond an artist portrait to a universal story of femininity and aims to give hope to the many women going through the same journey. Serendipity opens with medical images, as Prune documents her treatment to be an active patient in the process of healing. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31, Prune turns her medical odyssey into an epic artistic adventure as she discovers new meaning in her body of work and its curious relationship to her illness. Screening hosts are provided with resources, such as a discussion guide, press kit, and director's statement to supplement their screenings. The 50$ licensing fee will be used to fund "Serendipity Journal”, an anthology sharing day-to-day experience of life with cancer, treatment and recovery.
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